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Before the ceremony Susan and Tom, Keelan's mother and step-father
Our amazing friends and musicians: Yuki, Elaine, Emily, Damien, James on the piano... ...and Julia on the violin
Paul (our friend and officiant), Keelan, Scott (Keelan's brother-in-law) and Tim (Keelan's brother)
The flower girl, Daniella (Jamie's sister), makes her way down the aisle The ring-bearer, Anthony (Jamie's brother)
The bridesmaids, Kelly (Jamie's sister) and Rachael (Keelan's sister) The bride accompanied by her dad, Phil, and step-dad, Brent
Rachael reading two poems
Exchanging rings Lighting our Eternal Flame
Now it's official! K-I-S-S-I-N-G
Keelan's grandmother, Jean, giving her blessing

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