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The West Philadelphia restaurant where we had the brunch for out-of-town guests Jamie, Keelan, Alan and Annemarie
Tim Durkin Says, "Just Say No!" Judy (Scott's mom) holding Alastair
Keelan and his mom Susan Wes, our friend from Berkeley
Jamie and her mom, Denise Jamie and Melanie
Our youngest sisters: Fiona and Maura (Keelan's) and Melanie and Daniella (Jamie's) Christopher (Keelan's cousin) holding Alastair
Rachael and Scott (Keelan's sister and brother-in-law) Judy (Scott's mom), Susan, Joanne (Keelan's aunt) and Lou (Scott's dad)
Three...Two...One... BLAST OFF!
Keelan takes off from the Penn button
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